Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kelantan, Here I Come.

Yup, I've arrived Kelantan two days ago to continue my study-- I miss My Hometown!!!!

Well, I took an hour of flight from Klang to Kelantan. After that, I was surprised by a (Malay traditional) band at the luggage taking area (look at the picture below).

Besides that, I received a gift bag from a group of people and I was so confused because there is no such thing before. As I walked through the door, I realize that this is due to a campaign called "Kelantan TMK@12". Don't ask me anything about that, cause I'm still in a blur about it (I'll update the details later k). But basically it's about promoting Kelantan to the foreigners to visit this place (well, I don't think there's anything to visit here. xP).

Camwhoring while waiting for my friend to pick me up. (:

So here is my room and see how dirty when I clean it (Chinese called '大扫除') and I'm so desperate to see a clean and tidy room!!!

After cleaning, I put all the stuff back to their position and it look messier than ever. :(

But the wall and the fan are super clean now! ;)

Anyway, since CNY is around the corner, I think it's good to make up the room up to have a better look right? So I think I'll but some decoration for my lovely room later.

Me and my roomate---BB1 ROCK!!!! 

Readers: Have you prepare your room for CNY?

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