Friday, January 20, 2012

Kelantan Food:Keng Som

Remember I told you about "Kelantan TMK@ 12"? So today I'm going to bring you all to a Kelantan restaurant. It's called " Keng Som". We ordered 5 dishes for 8 people, and each of us spent RM12 only!!!

This is damn cheap in my opinion-- Cause it's like equal to a Mc.D's meal, right? and it's definitely better in taste, health, quality and most imporantly, QUANTITY.

So here's the pictures taken:

The eight of us-- Char Siew Family!

Here' the place.
Their address.

It's all about seafood and good meal... I like it!

Oh by the way, we bought our "Yee Sang" beforehand to celebrate coming Chinese New Year.

We 'Lou Sang' till the food spilled all around the table--- Thx to the naughty Xuan and Low.

My favourite. <3

See how everyone enjoy our first meal?? =)

Here's the menu:

Their famous 'Papron' Chicken-- sorry if I spell it wrongly.

Rice. xD

Claypot Tofu

 Sotong Somtam

Ayam Paprik

And kankung vege.  =)

See how clean is the plate now?? It's super Delicious!!!!

Licking-Licking!!!! Yummy!!!!

How happy Ah Ni is after the big meal. xD
Seriously, the meal is INDESCRIBABLE-LY DELICIOUS!!! Every dishes has there own speciality, and I feel satisfied with their service.

Extras: Here's some pictures taken after our meal~

Readers: When are you coming to Kelantan? Come to Keng Som for a very nice meal then! =)

Good Luck and Happy CNY!