Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year (2012) ROCK!

Recently, I'm addicted with black metal and rock songs (not recently actually, hehe.), so I decided to do a rock make up tutorial, with pictures of steps for a better view.
Here's the look:

Quite Rock right? I know some of you may think it's still girly in this make up, but I think as a girl, we still have to keep up with the 'girl-elegant' right?

1) Foundation for a beautiful base (optional)

2)  Choose a metallic (shiny) light grey colour and apply it to the inner corner of the lids. (inner 1/2 of your eyes).

3) Choose a dark grey/ black and apply to the outer corner of your lids ( the rest of the eye that haven't been shadowed).

3) Eye Liner to the upper lids ( wing it up for a wilder/ rock look!)

4) Eye liner to the lower lids ( draw it thicker to look ROCK!)

5)Mascara and eye brow.

6) Light blush and contour

7) Sweet natural lips to focus the eyes ( For kissable lips--skip lip gloss)

8) There you go!!! ROCK YOURSELF UP!

Hope you guy Enjoy it and have a ROCK NIGHT with your Love one!  (;

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