Friday, July 3, 2015

Jibby & Co, Empire Subang

I know I haven't updated my blog since my last holiday but I really have nothing to blog recently 
and I have been busy travelling around.
Now I am entering my new semester.
I thought I can finally be a little free to blog but I was wrong.
Final semester is... CRAZY!

So I tried my best to squeeze a little bit of time out for blog.
So here I am. :)

Introduce you to a new restaurant I went during my short escape back in town during the study week for last semester. 
Jibby & Co.
Wonder where is it? How it taste?
Be patient :)

It's really beautiful even on the outside since it's made of glass!
hastag: Transparent is a thang :P

The menu. 

Got myself a cocktail for summer kinda feel on the night,
It's called the Boo Boo's Special. (the yellow one)
Ginger ordered a Icred Crushed Lemonade.
Both are tasty but would be better to drink on the day rather than the night. 
(bad choice made) :D

Food's arrived!!

Seafood Aglio Olio for Yi Wen.
Unfortunately she said it is too salty.
Looks good though so it's a little disappointment in here. :(

Meatball Pasta for Quak and it's tasty!
Not a bad choice I think :)
Ginger's Moroccan Lamb Pizza. 
As you know, Ginger's a chef so she's quite picky. 
I tasted it ok, except the cream and the raw vege on the top, 
although I know it was meant to be eaten this way. (yucks!)

My lasagna. 
I was in the high mood to order salad on that night but those scumbags of my dates here blackmailed me to order a real meal. 
They said if I eat salad I would have to walk back. 
And asked me to eat the decoration tree around the restaurant if I really wanna have a salad that night. 
So you see how lovely my friends are? :P
Gosh I should have recorded it :D

Overall and unfortunately. 
 I would say this restaurant is a little over-rated.
The environment is totally a hit,
but the food can be a mixture of hits and misses. 
and the price is a little bit pricier so if you are a little tight in the pocket 
you'd better think twice.
(We spent 205$ on that meal)
P/s: Heard the brunch set is better so I shall give it a try and see how it goes! :)

All right!
That's it for tonight!
Off to sleep! :D

Jibby & Co
Address: GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 16/1, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-5613 7070

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