Saturday, October 4, 2014

C. Michael Road Show in Kelantan

Did you every heard of C.Michael?
It's coming to Kelantan and they are doing a week of road show in Pacific, KB mall, 
from 2nd till 12th of October of 2014.

I came to the booth and found out they are having all sort of promotion there.
And I have a great experience there so I might share with you the memory :)

C Michael is having a promotion 
where you get FREE HAIR COLOUR AND TREATMENT service
when you purchase 2 box of their Permanent Hair Colour and any 1 unit of their Sterm Cell Collection.
You guys might ask, how much is their permenant hair colour?
It's only Rm 28.90 per box.
I am telling you it's worth it because it's around that range for a box of GOOD QUALITY permanent hair colour in the market.

Since I need to re-dye my hair,
I have tried their promotion to dye my hair under their advice of hair colour choice.
I am going for a darker colour this time, 
and they gave good advice to let me achieve what I want. 
Note: they are giving FREE Advice and they are not selfish of it. 

A Good quality hair colour product:
1) Don't smell that stinky ammonia
2) Don't feel itchy during the colouring process
3) Keep my hair healthy even after the colouring process

They C.Michael has achieve three of this terms, especially the first and the second terms! ;)

Let me share with you some of the pictures taken:

Their hair colour range:
Natural Black, Dark Brown, Brilliant Chestnut, Radiant Red, Vivid Violet, Splashing Blonde
(You don't have to worry to chose because they will give you advice, which is awesome!)

Before hair colouring:

 Coming to the process of dying the hair:

As you can see, my hair ends are pretty bright with the previous colour. 
Super tired of this colour so I decided to make it a change ;)

I have choose to mix Dark Brown with Brilliant Chestnut,
because I don't want to get too dark but I don't want to be so bright like my previous hair colour either. 
Hence the hair stylist suggested to do so, 
and I decided to give it a try :)

p/s: My root is deep black so the stylist do a first process to de-colourise the root, 
then only move on the dying the whole hair, 
which is just nice to me :)

(I know I look super crooked here because I have sat there for two hours!)

It's not really deep dark black which is exactly what I want!
And by a few wash later, 
the colour will fade a little to make the hair colour look more natural.
So I will say,
This is AWESOME.

Some selfie :P

You still can see some bright colour under the light, right?! :D

From left: the hair stylist and the two pretty promoter :)

Which one do you prefer? The bright or the dark?
I would say they are both lovely! :D

Do stop by and give them a try,
even if you are not going to dye your hair,
they have also other service like washing your hair. 
And they are having promotion for their other products too!
So just go grab this chance before it's too late! :D

C.Michael Road Show
 Location: KB mall,  at the Pacific area, near to reception counter. 
Opening Hours: From 10 am to 10.30 pm 
(stop washing and colouring service at 9pm)