Monday, September 22, 2014

Myeong Dong Street Cafe, Kelantan

Hello there!
Going on a mission of updating my blog.
It's been... how long?

Duhh I gotta good reason this time.
Seriously busy with schoold work these months.
Until I can't catch a breath, so bare with me if I haven't been updating blog.

So yea, 
Another food post!
I'm sure you guys gonna love it! :D

Myeong Dong Street Cafe is a new hot place in Kota Bharu area.
I am pretty sure this boss is clever because he/she must know that Malays are super hardcore fans of Korean artist (name some like... Park what what? Duhh I am totally excluded)

But anyhow, 
Went to the restaurant and give it a try there during the practicumm season. 
And here's the pichas of it :)

More towards simplicity. very clean and clear. 

Like I said,
most of the customers are Malays.
but not to be racist, 
there're also quite a few Chinese gangs.

Here you go. 
The Chinese Gang. 

The menu

Their food is not expensive. 
Which is a good sign :)

Ordered Korean Green Tea, and they indeed taste like one.
(just so you know, the Korean Green Tea taste different from Japanese Green Tea, which, the Korean Green Tea is more like a brown rice green tea, whereas the Japanese Green Tea is simply just TEA)
It's totally up to you to judge, but I am liking it.

Dok Bok Khi that we ordered.
I just love it although HP said it's spicy. 

we ordered lunch box  for that day.
HP's the Tuna while mine's the BBQ Chicken

I'll let you spot the difference of these two lunch box from the two pictures below. :D

Tuna Lunch Box

BBQ Chicken Lunch Box

(  spotted the difference? keep searching. :D  )

My lunch set for the day

Overall the food taste not bad.
Couldn't surprise me very much
probably all the Korean Food taste the same.
Food choices are fine for me.
But I am looking for a better environment in the future.
(their furnitures need an improvement, or a better looking one)
I have heard friends complaining the slow and bad service when it's packed,
which I am lucky not to face it.

if you guys are fond on Korean food, maybe you should give it a try.
At least, this is the one of the few restaurant that sells Korean Food besides Seoul Garden in KB mall.
So be grateful and get over it :D

(They claimed themselves as 'cafe' but I am thinking that the 'restaurant' suits them better).

Chao! :)

Myeong Dong Street Cafe
Add: Jalan Hamzah, 15050 Kota Bahru ( across the street in front of Tune Hotel)
Open:  12pm  to 10 pm


  1. thanks for a very good review. it helps me a lot.

  2. Thanks for sharing !! fun to read and cant wait to go there.hehe

  3. Tak pernah makan kat sini..biasa makan Korean food kat Seoul Garden KBMall je btw you're right, restaurant suit them better ^^

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