Thursday, April 3, 2014

Divergent Book and Film (Review)

Divergent is the latest novel I have been trying to finish currently.
But due to business, I wasn't capable of doing it.
But I feel the need of reviewing this lil book and the film produced not long ago.

Directed by Neil Burger
Produced by Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shabazian
Starring of Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Maggie Q and even, Kate Winslet.

Title: Divergent
Written by Veronica Roth.

I waas able to get the chance to watch Divergent film in the theatre last week with my two cousins.
Went during the night for the 11.45pm show time
And the show was good!
I remember watching Avengers during the night the other day and I literally felt asleep bacuase it's too boring.
I have the initial thought that this will be the same thing as well.
But it didn't.
I was surprised.

The plot: Was so so. kinda similar to the Hunger Games or maybe Ender's Game.

The concept of the story: was great. I like the creative concept of how the authors tries to predict how the future will go.

The climax: Wasn't clear. I was a bit disappointed when the film was added with the sense of love. A bit too cheesy and too soon. Like there's nothing at the beginning and suddenly they are kissing. And the killing people part was kinda so so. Extremely easy to predict how the story will go so I don't have to think much. It will definitely be a better story if the climax and ending change to a more surprising one.

The soundtrack: I wasn't too impressed with it even thought it was added with mostly popular tracklist like Ellie Goulding's "Beating Heart:, Zedd's "Find You" and so on. There should have more exciting soundtrack for the fighting scene. Ways to improvement.

Cinematography: I like how to scenes was taken in this movies. Beautiful and expressive. Especially the scene of the dog chasing the girls. Impressive.

I haven't finished reading it yet but I think I should give some review along with the film.
At first I was surprised by the storyline. It feels so different from what was in the movie. It was quite calm for the novel but it's not in the movie. The movie is more exciting and the pace was fast. 
For example, Tori seems calm and nice in the novel but she seems stressed up and keep avoiding Beatrice in the movie.

So here's the trailer for the film:

And the list of the sound track in the film:
1.    Find You
Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
2.    Beating Heart
Ellie Goulding
3.    "Hanging On" (I See MONSTAS remix)
Ellie Goulding
4.    "Fight for You"  
Snow Patrol
5.    "I Won't Let You Go"  
Snow Petrol
6.    "Run Boy Run"  
7.    "Backwards"  
Tame Impala featuring Kendrick Lamar
8.    "I Need You"  
9.    "In Distress"  
A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein
10.  "Lost and Found" (ODESZA remix)
Pretty Lights
11.  "Stranger"  
Skrillex and KillaGraham featuring Sam Dew
12.  "Dream Machines"  
Big Deal
13.  "Dead in the Water"  
Ellie Goulding

Some pictures from the film:


All right that's it!
Ganbatte for another three weeks of practiccum! :D

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