Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Malaysia Spring Coordinate

Hey there! 
It's another week of April!
I have always love the begining of every year and this year is the busiest I have ever been through.
I have not sleep much, not eat much and don't even blog much (ops!)
However, I have always known that my duty as a blogger is not as easy as the other as I have so much responsibility as a teacher.
I have to make a priority to the thing that will truly affect my future.
It's not like I wanna stop blogging, but I have to make my homework in the first place because it's the thing that will change my life in the future.

Anyway, it's SPRING again!
I LOVE spring, don't you? :)

Here is the small little clip of how some industries define the spring season of 2014:


Sweater is still a must.
Fluffy dress, shirt is a new trend
layered and layered of chiffon defines the trend.
Plain bright colour is something call for spring ;)

So here's my definition of Spring!
A outfit coordination specially made for Malaysia,
this hot and humid country that doesn't have four seasons.
Hope you guys like it! :)

Sweater, layered colour hue top, and layered lace pants.
Totally suit the look! :D
Look the layered colour hue top!

The floral print chiffon short jumpsuit.

It's a jumpsuit, not a dress!

I definitely LOVE the Look!
It's the pretty fluffy long pants!

And the forth,
black is never been an exception in the fashion industry.
wearing black in the spring is not a mistake.
It's COOL :)

My favourite casual wear of the season:

What enhance the look is the bling bling shinny shoes.
Sometime you need some 'diamond' to touch up the plain outfit. ;)

So here you go!
Enjoy Spring to the fullest! :D

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