Sunday, December 23, 2012

World End Christmas

Okay... it's totally a joke.

I'm still here, on the 23th of December of 2012.

I'm sure the calculation is wrong.


*Don't swag with your smartness, no man can predict God's will*

Okay anyway, it's just my introduction for what I'm going to share with you today.

A Make up tutorial inspired by World Ends Rumours.

Hence, it's named "Dark Christmas Make Up Look"

I spent at least two days to finish discovering, filming, editing and shooting. 
It's the first time I'm crazily force myself to learn editing cause I'm super lazy to learn it properly before this.
and I regretted.

Hahaha.... *Lazy girl does her own way lol*

Anyway, here's the tutorial and I hope you guys enjoy it! ^^

The Other Pictures including:

Merry Christmas!!!!! 

*Stay alive*

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