Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something Crazy I've Been Working On in the Holiday

Haiya here, 

It's GREAT to see you guys visiting my bloggie since it's a great pleasure for me to entertain you guys.

Wanna share with you something I've been crazily working with recently.


Yeah I love to sing.
I love to listen to music.

And yeah, 


So here you go, you may have heard some of them through my Facebook account, but if you have not listen to the others, check them out here!

So these are the covers I made recently. If you are interested in other video, feel free to click here! ^^
My Youtube account: Eleanorling (Subscribe to be up-to-date!)


 the first: 
(Click the title to watch it in Youtube screen):

曲婉婷 我的歌声里 吉他翻唱 (Guitar Cover) In My Voice

非常美丽的一首歌,我尝试跟原唱不一样的风格,尝试不一样的诠释, 如何?;)

It's a very beautiful song that I've listened for more than 100 times. Tried different style from the original, hope you guys like it! ^^

The Second:

Okay, I must say that I made it sounds totally different from the original. Oh, Come on, Ellie has made is so good! The reason that I made a cover of it is because I love this song so much. The Soft Dropbeat in the original is the one that cannot be made through guitar but I have tried another style through the acoustic version. Of course I am not as good as hers, but at least, I've fun making it! ^^

The Third:

Pink - Try Cover

Recorded it separately. 
Added harmonized melody for enhancement. 
Overall, it's a fun song to make! ^^

Anyway, so sorry for the late update since I was so busy having fun in the holiday. Making video took me AT LEAST a week to finished it. But I must claim that I have NO autotune in any of them!

See ya soon!

Readers: Tell me which covers you like the most in the comment box below, and hit me a like!!!! ^^

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