Monday, May 14, 2012

Love's in the Air

Hi, trying to make myself some free time to write a new post. I just love blogging. Well, it was a disaster yesterday, my exam didn't go well, and I'm so desperate about it.

Taken @ McD, Kota Bharu

But anyway, since today is a no-exam-day, I've decided to write a "love" post for you guys. Remember I said I love you more than I should. haha.

Not write, it's shown in the pictures. I grabbed them from facebook where my friend were sharing this morning. I find it quite interesting, but some of them are just not realistic, what do you feel then?

Respond: No proof lo k... if a man treat you like a princess, mean he's what? You maid? I would rather make him as a pet. A useful pet. haha.

Respond: This is nice. <3

Respond: Couldn't agree more.. ;)

Respond: If you hurt this kind of person, I'll kick the ass out of you! ><

Respond: God makes life beautiful, there won't be too sucks. but I do really need a hug if it really happened. ;)


Respond: I doubt that..... @.@

Respond: if ever a guy respond to this, they are really dreaming, cause it's never realistic. You think yourself so perfect ar?

Respond: if all the women do so everytime they faces a problem, I think there'll be many patients in Tanjung Rambutan already. And I personally think that not only woman who say "I'm fine" is a strong woman, cause every person got the right to express the feeling to the others. What's the point of having a bf? To tell him all your stuff la!

Respond: Quote for the women, but never be real. We are not robots and we can't be perfect.

#11: Last Quote and I think the baby is Super CUTE! xD
Respond: I think love need to be expressed, not hide inside your heart and think that your partner will know about it. You think your hearts are connected like the computer mieh? So expressed your heart out! ;)

Okay, the above responds are just upon my own view, you all sure have different view but don't blame me, that's just what I want to say. Hehe.

Readers: What's your opinion then? Are they all realistic?

Respond: Give me yours.. hehe

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  1. this love post makes me smile. i especially like #2 and #6! btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)♥