Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Piece of Work -- Google Account

I created a google account few weeks ago. JUST FOR FUN.

And well I get used to open a lot of accounts (2 hotmail accounts and 2 yahoo accounts--- you'll see how idiot I am.) , so i just put a hotmail account to sign up the google account thingy.

Honestly, I didn't understand the purpose of creating this whole thing until I want to create a blog.

Before this blog, I actually has created new blog using a yahoo account. It's Eleanorlingwonderland. See how nice the name it's, right???

But that freaking Google Account messed up with my whole rebuilding-up-my-blogging-habit plan.

The story starts with there's so many google accounts in my computer and I just want to delete that cause it's annoying. (Nobody just use one account for all website, right???)

Unfortunately, I've accidentally deleted this blogspot for no reason. Like What the heck is going on with the google account thingy?

Then I have to create a new blog with a new name and rewriting the post that I wrote in that Wonderland blog. (thank God there's just a post.) Fuhh!!!

Lesson: Understand the whole sign up plan in the website or else you'll end up dead of piss off.


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