Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lost - Photoshoot

Hey ya there!
Went back from Carlsberg Where's the Party and it was cool!!!
Let me show you some preview before we hit into the major topic!
For those who are curious, this party is only by-invitation only, so I was invited and I was allowed to bring one friend with me. So baby Jing Wen was tagged :)

So the main topic of the day will be about my first time photoshoot with two great photographer

Elvin Lee and Cat Wei.

Shot in KL

And the theme 'Lost' was inspired by two songs:
Radioactive Cover by Lindsay Sterling
and Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park

I shouldn't talk much, 
let's get lost in the Echo, and be radioactive :)

Photographer: Elvin Lee and Cat Wei
Venue: Tanjung Sepat
Make Up: Eleanor
Model: Eleanor

*Ultimate Suggestion: 
Listen to Lost in the Echo while enjoying this album, I'm sure it will give you a different feeling :)

Yes I really make myself that dirty during the shooting time!
and no worry it's all by make up product 
Look here:

Crazy shooting! But I like it! :)

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