Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Preview] Pantai Timur First Ever McDonald (with Drive Through)!!!!!!

When to visit Pantai Timur's FIRST EVER McDonald after shopping with baby Jing Wen and Nee.  So Happy to see that finally there's a place to lepak near our campus, and the best news is, it's open for 24 hour!!!

Advantage: More choice to eat next time.
                               No need to travel so far to stroll.
                               24 hour for us to get food.
                               Fast and efficient.
                               Drive through! <3
                               Free Wifi!! <3 <3 <3

Disadvantage: Increase the number of fat educators in the future.

Including ME myself. =.=

LOL like I care ><

Here are some pictures taken during the visiting:

The outer view

The inner view. I can only take pictures from outside cause it only opens at 12 in the morning... T.T

Guess what is this means? I asked the manager, and he said the two round thingy below the "M" sign stands for "drive through". How creative it is! ;)

The manager and the workers. 


Last but not least, yours truly. :)

Going to their opening ceremony tomorrow, Let's meet up! ;)

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