Friday, April 6, 2012

I JUST Love Shopping

RM 200 Book Voucher were released for IPG students, I received it and in a sudden I became the shopaholic for books!

I was worried about the supply in Kota Bharu, cause my friends want to go back to get a bigger book store so that there are more things to buy there. They said we can't fully use the voucher if we visit the bookstore here. Hmmm...

 I decided to pay it a try. So I went to Popular yesterday and guess what?

I spent RM 150 in a time.


Ha! xD

So, these are what I've bought.

Women's Weekley Magazine, Pop club (free for member), Tempest Novel, Hunger Games Novel, The Karate Mouse Short Story, Hi Tempura Seaweed, Kingston 16 GB Pendrive, and Nestle Chocolate Sticks. <3

I even take picture with each of the things that I've bought there:


Shit I look like eating the plastic. =.=

Better. :)


Try to pose like a model (parody):

Anyway, enjoy your voucher and use it wisely! Talk to you soon!

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